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NEM Group has ambitions to continuously improve and grow within the industry and within our community. 


Community Involvement

Throughout our time of operation, NEM Group has and continues to actively demonstrate commitment and ambition to support the growth and improvement of the local community. Highlighted in this statement are a range of previous and perpetual opportunities that NEM Group pursues in order to attain our goal whilst maintaining strong relations within established networks, client relations, local suppliers and the community.

Purchase of goods and services from sources within the local community
  • To support and drive the local economy NEM endeavour to purchase our goods and services from Australian based suppliers and local suppliers where possible.
Developing links between schooling and industry
  • For many years NEM has worked alongside and established great connections to local schools to aide in the promotion of careers in the Manufacturing/Engineering Sector and to help support the development of future industry talent
Hosting schools for tours of premises
  • To coincide with the promotions of careers and the development of future industry talents, NEM eagerly opens our doors to local schools for tours of our facility to showcase the broad range of opportunities available.
Sponsorship of school and community events
  • NEM has and continues to proudly support events in the local community by providing fiscal support, trophies, uniforms and other forms of sponsorships
Funding of Scholarships
  • For a number of years NEM has provided funding for scholarships at State Schools to help promote and assist students that possess likeminded skills such as motivation, drive and resilience that we seek in our future workforce of the industry
Host workplace for school-based work experience
  • With the established school partnerships, NEM believe the key piece in assisting students with insight into the industry is by providing them the opportunity to complete their work experience at our premises.
Commitment to an annual intake of apprentices
  • NEM is committed to providing numerous opportunities for individuals seeking apprenticeships in the industry, this allows us the ability to develop new talent, upskill the workforce and support industry growth
Opportunities for advanced training
  • To coincide with our apprentice intake, upon completion of the apprenticeships we provide the opportunity for all apprentices to complete a Certificate 4 which is both a benefit to the individual for career advancement and for the company to drawn upon that skill set.   
Hosting faculty school leaders
  • NEM have been honoured to of hosted a number of faculty teachers for work placements and to showcase the current industry practices and opportunities which they are then able to educate and reciprocate with their students.
Inclusive environment
  • NEM are proud of the diversity we have and continue to develop amongst our workforce and believe by doing so we are helping to close the gaps and promote diversity and inclusivity within the industry

Community Memberships and Support Programs:

Social and Community Involvement

NEM Group are dedicated to supporting the communities where its projects are located and where its employees work and live.

This is undertaken through a number of avenues including sponsorships, donations, supporting local, the NEM Group School Scholarship and in‐kind support.

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