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Distributor Partnerships

NEM Group has several distributor partnerships.

NEM Group is now a proud Distribution partner to Alloys International.
Stock enquiries for the Queensland region are welcomed and we are happy to expand the Queensland product holding based on discussions around your requirements.
NEM Group are excited to be the Queensland stockists of Alloys International Abrasa Plate in particular the AP-3000 range of Plate.
We have AP-3000 Plate stocks available at our Townsville facility and can supply as complete sheets or process stocks through our high technology processing workshop to meet your project requirements.

AP-3000 AbrasaPlate

AP-3000 AbrasaPlate is a high quality compound weld-overlay hardfaced plate. The chrome carbide overlay provides high hardness and abrasion resistance. AP-3000 is used for general applications with high abrasion and moderate impact.

  • Ash Lines
  • Elbows
  • Buckets
  • Chutes & Ducts
  • Hoppers
  • Classifiers
  • Vibrator Pan
  • Feeders
  • Sinter Breaker Bars
  • Crusher liners
  • Blast furnace
  • Sinter Plants
  • Drag Lines
  • Grizzly Bars
  • Fan Blades
  • Cyclones
  • Cement Kilns
C Cr Mn Si Fe
3.5↑ 20↑ Base
*Actual composition varies depending on the overlay thickness
Hardness HRC 58-62

Mixture of high volume hexagonal shaped chromium carbide in tough austenitic and martensitic matrix. Volume Fraction Primary Carbides: 30%. Relief cracks are normal in the hardfacing.

  • AbrasaPlate can be welded on the mild steel using standard low hydrogen consumables. For welding the hardfacing side to structural steels we recommend using AI-1707 stainless wire, or AI-0207 electrodes.
  • AbrasaPlate can be rolled or pressed. Diameters depend on thickness of plate.
  • AbrasaPlate can be cut using plasma (from the back side), water jet or laser.
ThicknessSheet Sizes
3 on 31.5×3.0
4 on 41.5×3.0
4 on 61.5×3.0, 2.2×3.0
6 on 61.5×3.0, 2.2×3.0
5 on 82.2×3.0
6 on 61.5×3.0, 2.2×3.0
6 on 81.5×3.0, 2.2×3.0
8 on 81.5×3.0, 2.2×3.0
9 on 101.5×3.0, 2.2×3.0
9 on 162.1×3.0
12 on 121.5×3.0
17 on 121.5×3.0, 2.2×3.0

X Cross Hatch

ThicknessSheet Sizes
4 on 4-X1.5×3.0
4 on 6-X1.5×3.0
6 on 8-X1.5×3.0
9 on 10-X1.5×3.0
12 on 12-X1.5×3.0
  • The –X Cross Hatch AbrasaPlate has an additional 2-3mm height of cross hatch hardfacing weld on top of the standard hardfacing thickness.
  • Backing Plate: Standard SS400 mild steel, others available on request.
  • Custom thickness and sizes are available to request
  • Also available as internally or externally hardfaced pipe: AbrasaPipe
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