To ensure NEM Group continues to meet it’s Environmental obligations and commitments at the highest industry standards, we have attained an ISO accreditation in Environmental Management Standards ISO 14001:2015.

Additional to this NEM Group utilises 2 large roof top solar systems to lower emissions these are 182KW Townsville Laser Cutting + 32.5KW Townsville Industrial Blast & Paint. Although a significant cost to install our goal is to be environmentally responsible and lower emissions while at the same time delivering our customers a competitive cost structure. 

Reducing our energy usage further are our light modern workshops utilising defused polycarbonate roofing for lighting along with LED lighting upgrades.

All Metal scrap at our facilities is recycled utilising scrap bins from local recycling facilities . 

Energy efficient work shop practices are part of our company culture at NEM Group this is combined with modern manufacturing practices and principles in efficiency that are utilised through our workshop procedures.

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