Our Culture


Our company philosophy aligns with the FISH PHILOSOPHY

  • Make someone’s day
  • Choose your attitude
  • Play
  • Be present

This is why –

    • We work together within a team environment of mutual respect, honesty and integrity
    • We say hello to each other
    • We are inclusive
    • We prefer not to work with bullies inside & outside our walls
    • We are not afraid of change
    • We encourage suggestions on a better way of doing things.
    • We encourage laughter, but not if it aims to hurt
    • We answer the phone by the third ring
    • We get back to people
    • We use emails to document communication
    • We answer emails that are sent to us in a timely manner
    • We offer alternatives to clients
    • We approach our jobs with a proactive, positive & enthusiastic attitude
    • We all make coffee “would you like one”.

As North Queensland’s Leading Advanced Manufacturing Facility NEM Group deliver cost effective solutions
tailored to our client’s needs.

The adoption of the following values forms the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

  • Quality – delivery of continuous improvement promotes progress
  • Customer Partnerships – to build partnerships to promote and make our businesses sustainable.
  • Technology & Innovation – to offer innovative solutions, pre-empt and solve problems utilising
    technology to save money for our customers
  • Safety – promote a safety-first culture in maintaining a strong commitment to recognizing, analysing
    and avoiding workplace safety issues.
  • Trust / Integrity / Dependability – by developing and maintaining positive relationships our clients
    know they can rely on our business standards.