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Metal Fabrication Services by NEM Welding.

Metal Fabrication

Specialising in plate work, chutes and vessels, tanks and structural steel for various industries including sugar, transport, and defence.

We are

Capable of handling projects from light to heavy fabrication. Experienced in pipe fabrication for industries such as oil and gas, water treatment, and power generation. Skilled in shaping and cutting plate steel to exact specifications. 

About NEM Welding

NEM Welding is a prominent metal fabrication company based in North Queensland, Australia, and part of the NEM Group. Our specialisation lies in offering high-quality fabrication services to various industries, catering to both light and heavy fabrication requirements. We prioritise delivering reliable and efficient solutions to our clients, ensuring that their industry-specific needs are met with precision and excellence.

Our team of skilled tradespeople possesses a diverse range of qualifications, including confined space and working at heights certifications. This expertise allows us to handle projects with specific safety requirements effectively. Whether you need in-house fabrication at our advanced workshop or on-site services with our experienced tradespeople and supervisors, we have the capabilities to handle projects of all sizes and complexities.

Specialists in welding & Metal Fabrication & Installation

We offer a comprehensive range of services, specialising in welding, metal fabrication, and installation. Our expertise extends to plate work, chutes and vessels, tanks, and structural steel fabrication. We serve a wide array of industries, including sugar, transport, defence, mining, agriculture, food processing, oil and gas, water treatment, chemical processing, and energy production. From custom chutes and vessels to tanks and structural steel for buildings, bridges, and towers, we deliver precise and reliable fabrication work tailored to your industry-specific requirements

To ensure accurate and precise fabrication results, our well-equipped workshop houses a wide range of professional equipment. We have welding machines, MIG, TIG and Stick welders, stud welders, bandsaws, guillotines, certified lifting equipment, grinders, lathes, milling machines, and more. These resources enable us to excel in shaping and cutting plate and structural steel to exact specifications.

Efficient project execution is of paramount importance to us, and our workshop reflects that. Spanning over 900 square meters, our facility includes an 8-ton rated overhead crane and accessibility to a 20-ton Franna crane and 2 x 10-ton overhead cranes. Moreover, we have dedicated erection and laydown areas covering 5.5 acres, providing ample space for staging and completing projects of various scales before providing installation. Additionally, our CNC metal processing workshop is equipped with cutting-edge equipment such as laser cutters, plasma cutters, water jet machines, brake presses, and rollers. These advanced tools enable us to offer comprehensive fabrication solutions that meet the highest standards.

At NEM Welding, we take pride in delivering professional services and top-quality solutions to our clients. Our ISO certifications reflect our commitment to excellence and attention to detail and have established us as a reputable fabrication company in the industry. We invite you to contact NEM Welding today to discuss your fabrication needs and experience our industry-leading services firsthand.

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Workshop Equipment

NEM Welding Services offers a wide range of professional equipment to match our professional services. Some of our equipment includes:

NEM WELDING Workshop with 900+ square meters of covered space, 8 tonne rated overhead crane with 8.5-meter hook and 20-ton Franna crane accessibility we also offer 5.5 Acres of assembly and laydown area some with hard stand.

Additionally, all projects access our CNC metal processing workshop with Laser cutter, Plasma cutter, Water jet, Brake Press and Rollers as well as our blast & paint facility offering a full industrial coatings solution.



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