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Townsville Laser Cutting is the leading company in steel processing and fabrication in North Queensland, Australia.

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Don’t waste any more time searching for cutting services. Contact NEM Group today and experience the unmatched precision and quality, let us be your go-to partner for all your cutting requirements in Queensland and beyond.
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Experience the power of CNC Machining Centres at NEM group, where cutting-edge control technology and precision mechanical engineering converge to deliver exceptional results with lightning-fast turnaround times. Using our advanced machines, you can expect perfect processing on every project, ensuring the utmost accuracy.
Plasma Cutting

CNC Plasma cutting is a versatile and efficient method used to cut through a wide range of materials. NEM group’s Kinetic K2500 plasma system showcases the benefits of plasma cutting, including speed, efficiency, accuracy, and the ability to cut various materials in varying thicknesses such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and copper. Its versatility, 45-degree bevelled edge cuts, counter sinking options and large plate metal bed size makes it suitable for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

Waterjet Cutting

NEM Group’s Omax 80160 Water Jet Machining Centre is an advanced CNC waterjet cutter that excels in its ability to cut almost any material you require. Utilising the power of high-pressure water mixed with an abrasive substance, this cutting-edge machine can precisely shape and slice through a diverse range of materials. From thin rubber, robust metals, sturdy timber, delicate glass, versatile plastics, to intricate composites, the Omax Water Jet can effortlessly handle them all. With its CNC capabilities, this state-of-the-art water jet cutter ensures exceptional precision and efficiency, allowing you to successfully cut and shape nearly any material that can fit beneath its powerful cutting head.

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Commissioned to provide our Queensland clients with large scale Plasma Cutting, Oxy Cutting, Bevelling and Countersinking options, there is no need to look any further than NEM group for your all your cutting needs!

Cutting Capabilities

Sheet Thickness Up to:

  • Max. 300mm Mild Steel (OXY)
  • Max. 80mm Mild Steel (Plasma)
  • Max. 80mm Stainless Steel (Plasma)

Sheet Size Up to:

  • 12000mm x 4000mm


  • ± 2mm


  • Up to 45° Drilling:
    • Up to 26mm
    • Countersinking


Commissioned by NEM Group to offer the most versatile CNC cutting options, the OMAX 80160 Waterjet Cutting System boasts exceptional capabilities in material cutting. Whether you need to cut thin rubber, metals, timber, glass, plastic, or composites, this state-of-the-art waterjet machine is up to the task. With its remarkable versatility, the OMAX 80160 Waterjet can efficiently and precisely cut virtually any material that can fit beneath it.

Cutting Capabilities

Sheet Thickness Up to:

  • Max. 200mm Mild Steel
  • Max. 120mm Stainless Steel
  • Max. 300mm Aluminium

Sheet Size Up to:

  • 4267mm x 2030mm


  • Tolerance ±0.2mm 

Quality Settings: 

  • 1-5, with 5 being the most accurate

Material Type:

  • Reflective and non-conductive materials


  • Nil Heat Distortion of materials. 
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Examples of common

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